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Investigation and Research of Information Technology in the Workplace

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Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction

2.0 The Selected Company

3.0 The Problems Faced by the Company

3.1 Problems Concerning Speed of Delivery of Information

3.2 Problems Concerning Security of the Information

3.3 Problems Concerning Communication

4.0 The Solution to the Problem - The Selected Area of Technology

4.1 What is the Management Information System

5.0 Advantages and Disadvantages of the Technology

5.1 Advantages of the Technology

5.1.1 Enhancements in Communication

5.1.2 Reduction in Costs

5.1.3 Creating New and Exciting Jobs

5.2 Drawbacks of this Technology

6.0 Impact of Management Information Systems Technology on Avtovaz

7.0 Functionality of the Technology

8.0 Similarities and Differences with Other Technologies

9.0 Conclusion

10.0 Reference


In this report, the objective is to make an investigation and a research of a certain type of information technology in the workplace and the way that this technology would be able to bring about positive advantages to the organisation. For the company that was selected, the system that was proposed to be developed is a management information system. The problems faced by the Avtovaz company are said to stem from the presence of a computer system that is very inefficient and not integrated at all. This system makes it very hard for the organisation to improve itself and become competitive, especially in light of its recent joint ventures with other car manufacturers. The presence of this kind of system has caused for the organisation to be unproductive and slow. Here, the management information system technology will be examined terms of its functionality, its various advantages and disadvantages, and the similarities and differences of this technology on three other areas of technology.


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