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Investing in Renewable Energy: Global Trend


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«Investing in renewable energy: global trend»

Student: Kutina Alexandra, 12e2 Tutor: Korenkova Marianna Maximovna

N. Novgorod 2015
In contemporary business life one of the relatively recent trends is the growing appeal of corporate and private investors to renewable energy. It is well-known fact that in current world people face the problems of scarcer petroleum reserves and global warming. Due to these burning issues, nowadays people pay more and more attention to developing alternative sources of energy. However, developing renewable and natural energy sources such as solar and wind powers, for instance, is believed to be time and money-consuming and unprofitable. There is still significant uncertainty associated with outputs of renewable technologies. This young industry also encounters difficulties with government support in many countries. As investors are always intend to make high returns in their investment it is really attention-grabbing to analyze their incentives and purposes, and observe the present-day situation on the market of renewable energy. Thus, it is important to find worthy arguments in support of the growing popularity of projects devoted to alternative energy powers.
First of all, it is reasonable to track investment in renewable power and fuels. The chart below clearly demonstrates that during the period from 2004 to 2013 investment increased more than five times. By 2013 it accounted for approximately 214 billion dollars. But even this drop shows positive development. This decline reflected a sharp fall in solar system prices meanwhile the number of gigawatts soared.

Picture 1. Global new investment in renewable energy,

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