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Investment Report by 28/2/2012

Name of company: AVEVA GROUP RIC: AVV.L

Price: 1732 Date: 28 Feb 2012

Company profile:

AVEVA Group PLC operates in the Computer related services sector. AVEVA Group plc is a holding company. The Company is engaged in engineering design and information management solutions for the process plant, power and marine industries. It activities include marketing and development of computer software and services for engineering and related solutions.

One-year Price chart:


Price performance: Key financial forecasts and ratios:

| |Actual |Estimate |
| |MAR 11 |MAR 11 |MAR 12 |MAR 13 |
|EPS(GBp) |- |- |63.934 |74.790 |
|DPS(GBp) |18.250 |18.590 |20.100 |22.750 |
|PE |- |- |26.590 |22.730 |
|ROE% |17.04 |
|Beta |1.34 |
|Alpha |0.01 |

|Price | |
|% 1 M |6.19 |3.18 |
|% 3 M |20.61 |14.54 |
|% 6 M |16.01 |15.31 |
|% 1 Y |6.58 |-1.43 |

Valuation (by DDM & by comparables):

|DDM |1333.52 |PE Model |13.927 |

View of market analysts:

A majority of experts think that the earning per share is downgrade.

Executive summary: To sum up, the investors was suggested to hold the stock of AVEVA which depend on the valuation and analysis.


The UK is one of the world's leading economies and is well-placed to benefit from the global economic recovery. Like almost every other economy, the UK was hit hard by the global economic crisis. After over 15 years of strong but increasingly unbalanced growth, the UK economy contracted sharply during the crisis. Other advanced economies were similarly affected.

The UK economy started growing again in the second half of 2009. Unemployment in the UK remains well below the levels in the US and the euro-zone. Rebalancing the economy and returning to sustainable economic growth is the Government’s overriding priority.

AVEVA Group plc is a holding company. The Company is engaged in engineering design and information management solutions for the process plant, power and marine industries. It activities include marketing and development of computer software and services for engineering and related solutions. Year on year AVEVA Group PLC grew revenues 17.29% from 148.33m to 173.99m. In addition the company has reduced the cost of goods sold as a percent of sales, selling, general and administrative expenses as a percent of sales and interest paid as a percent of sales. These improvements contributed to 3.15% net income growth from 33.44m to 34.49m. As of Feb 25, 2012, the consensus forecast amongst 16 polled investment analysts covering AVEVA Group plc advises investors to hold their position in the company. This has been the consensus forecast since the sentiment of investment analysts deteriorated on Dec 21, 2011. The previous consensus forecast advised that AVEVA Group plc would outperform the market.

Price performance

From the comparison of company’s returns and FTSE 100, it can be concluded that the company’s return is greater than FTSE Index. The company performed well, the return is greater than FTSE-100. The returns are also fluctuated during this year. It had grown 16.01% at the end of first half year because AVEVA Group cooperated with the Chinese company GSHI in order to optimize shipyard processes. This event may cause the price rise rapidly. In the past quarter, the price performance of the firm exceeded FTSE-100 which is 20.61%. During that time, AVEVA researched and developed new products and the long customer Metso invested new project with it. These events also influence the trends of AVEVA. Last month the price still much higher than the evaluation of FTSE, the company performed very well.

The company’s alpha with positive 0.01 which means attractive to investors and suggests an underpriced security


The risk free rate is 2%, beta of AVEVA Group is 1.34 and the market risk premium is 8%, so the market capitalization rate of AVEVA is:

K= rf + β× MRP=2%+ 1.34%×8%=12.72%

The DPS of the firm in 2012 is 23.837, the adjusted EPS is 58. The dividend payout ratio equals to DPS divide EPS; plowback ratio b equals one minus dividend payout ratio. The ROE of the company is 17.04%, so the long-term growth can be calculated as:


The DPS of 2012 is 23.837, in 2013 is 27.504 and in 2014 is 27.218; DDM can be calculated through the formula as following:


Through calculation the DDM is 1333.52, the real stock price is 1732. So the stock price may be over estimated by the market. The disadvantage of DDM is it may sensitive to each parameter.

Through the calculation of PE model, the fair value is EPS 49.9 times Sector PE 27.91 and gets the fair value which is 1393.

Fair Value= EPS× Sector PE=49.9×27.91=1392.709≈1393

The PE model is also lower than the stock price 1732. It also means the price may be overpriced by the market.

Analysts’ view and company’s fundamentals

There are five people keep hold attitude to this stock; four people think the stock is outperformed, three people want to buy this stock; two people respectively think the stock underperformed and want to sell it. Majority of people change their attitude to this stock because they think the stock’s earning per share will decrease in the future. The data from 2010 to 2011 is not available.

The global IT services market is expected to grow by 3.5% in 2011, and 4.5% in 2012 as companies are focusing not only on controlling costs but also increasing efficiency and productivity using more and more information technology to improve their competitive advantage. So the software industry is still has the potential opportunity to get profit. The stock of this company was suggested to hold.


This paper analyses how the company AVEVA does in software industry. The company performed well in last few years. Especially in last year, the price of the stock is higher than FTSE 100 index, and a majority of people suggest holding the stock. The estimation of earning per share in the future seems go up. Although the DDM is lower than the stock price, the stock still have potential to perform well. So I suggest the stock should be hold.

News analysis

|Date |News Summary |Brief comments |
|1/2/2011 |AVEVA announced that STX OSV AS has signed an agreement to purchase the full AVEVA Marine |Aveva enhanced the |
| |solution suite. This deployment will provide STX OSV AS with a powerful system for integrated |cooperation with other |
| |Hull and Outfitting design. |company; it is beneficial for|
| | |its future development. |
|11/3/2011 |London (ShareCast)- 0830: Japan (NYSE: MCO - news)'s huge earthquake is something else for |The earth quake influenced |
| |investors to worry about and added to the situation in Libya, Spain's debt downgrade and weak |FTSE, Aveva’s price in the |
| |US jobs numbers, Footsie (FTSE: FTSE - news) has sagged in early dealings. FTSE 100 |gloomy outlook on the market.|
| |(Euronext: VFTSE.NX - news) down 26 at 5,819. | |
|3/6/2011 |LONDON (Share Cast) - After a steep decline after lunch - on the back of a poor start on Wall |Aveva performed well at |
| |Street - the Footsie (FTSE: FTSE -news) recovered to finish above water, albeit only by around|during that time, the price |
| |0.1%. |was higher than FTSE. |
|5/8/2011 | G7 finance ministers to meet within days • FTSE 100 (Euronext: VFTSE.NX - news) suffers fifth|Aveva’s stock price decreased|
| |biggest weekly fall in its history • Wall Street 'jobs' help Dow (NYSE: DPD - news) finish up |dramatically the same with |
| |0.5pc • Italy vows to speed up austerity measures • William Hague calls for 'concerted effort'|FTSE. |
| |on crisis | |
|10/10/2011 |AVEVA is pleased to announce that, through its wholly owned subsidiary AVEVA Solutions |Aveva was likely to |
| |Limited, on 7 October 2011 it completed the acquisition of Z+F UK Limited (a subsidiary of Z+F|outperform the market in the |
| |GmbH) for net consideration of £6.3 million on a debt free/cash free basis which has been |foreseeable future. The stock|
| |satisfied from the company's existing cash resources. |price was higher than FTSE. |
|14/11/2011 |Trade was choppy today but the Footsie (FTSE: FTSE - news) was unable to recover to its |Aveva may influence by FTSE |
| |intraday highs, finishing slightly in the red. Financial stocks bore the brunt of the |and decrease in the future |
| |negative mood, with Standard Chartered (Xetra: 859123 -news), Resolution, Legal & General |two months. |
| |(LSE: LGEN.L news) and Schroders (Berlin: PYX.BE news)among the worst performers. | |

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