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ABSTRACT The main aim of this study is to compare and contrast the whitening efficiency of Hydrogen Peroxide tooth gel, Colgate toothpaste, and Close-Up toothpaste. The variants are tested by the researchers themselves in a span of one week - they observed the amount of time it takes for teeth to whiten, and the budget required for each product.

This study specifically seeks to: 1) Compare and contrast the whitening efficiency of Hydrogen Peroxide tooth gel, Colgate and Close-Up. 2) Determine which of the three products is the most efficient in terms of teeth whitening and costs less budget. 3) To know if homemade Hydrogen Peroxide tooth gel is a possible substitute for your usual commercial toothpastes.

The study was conducted by the researchers testing the products themselves. They used the products in a span of one week and observed if their teeth whitens. The price of the product and number of days before teeth whitens are closely observed by the researchers.

Based on the study, all products managed to whiten teeth, the only difference is that Hydrogen Peroxide took the least amount of time and it's the product that costs least out of the three.

It is recommended that future researchers should: 1) find out the other uses of Hydrogen Peroxide. 2) be extra cautious while brushing your teeth with the Hydrogen Peroxide paste; please make sure you don't swallow anything. 3) find out if the Hydrogen Peroxide paste can whiten other materials, not only the teeth.
I. INTRODUCTION Hydrogen peroxide and toothpastes are somehow similar because they can both be used for mouth washing and tooth care, but they differ in color, texture, chemical components and whitening efficiencies. Mouth...

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