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Ipad and at&T

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Goatse Security
By Derek Peacock

Strayer University
The Business Enterprise
Instructor: Alan Tillquist


In this paper, I plan to determine if hacking a Web site system is justifiable and explain why Goatse Security hacking of AT&T was. Then, explain why IT Hack Solutions, a computer security firm would encourage hacking. Next, I plan to discuss why and how companies like Gawker Media are socially responsible for finding threats. Third, I plan to explain how CEOs should respond to security breach in the IT network. Finally. I will write an email by AT&T to customers explaining informing, the security breach and what was done to correct the issue.

Determine if hacking into a Web site is ever justifiable, applying your theory to a real-world case in which someone hacked into a system, including the name of the company and details.

Yes, there are justifiable means for web site and network system to be hacked. Hacking is both a science and an art what isn’t taught by colleges. Companies that are hacked can suffer significant losses, and their customers made vulnerable to other crimes, privacy violations, and unwanted contact. However when a company wants to get business or show off skills then, hacking is like building a resume. Once hackers have proven themselves, they can show off their resume to both government and corporation for business. For example, the AT&T and Apple IPad hacking by Goatse Security was justifiable for three reasons. One showing a security breach, two exposing privacy to the public, and three as a marketing.

AT&T's email security breach shows that major brands have IT system flaws. We all know that there really isn't a way to make a perfect IT security system that is unhackable. We do know that once a flaw as been discovered, then the approbate measure are taken to prevent farther security breaches. Which...

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