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Considering the Apple iPad™ for Pharma Marketing
Deciding whether to integrate a new technology into your marketing and communications efforts can be an exciting proposition filled with potential pitfalls and problems. This point of view aims to provide you with the best potential integration points for the Apple iPad within your pharma marketing efforts and some simple steps you can take to better evaluate its value of those efforts.

The iPad is a tablet form factor computing device running an upgraded version of the iPhone OS, built by Apple Inc. Connectivity is via Wi-Fi or 3G data network through one of the following enabled communications channels: • Email • Safari Web browser • iTunes Store • iBook store eBook content • Apple and third-party developed apps • Games • Social media • Utilities While email and Web are proven channels that can be used to reach core audiences, the iPad does not offer a truly unique differentiating feature for pharma from these channels. Similar to music and video stores, the iPad will not initially offer any differentiators over the existing delivery channels on the PC, Mac and iPhone/iPod Touch platforms. However, mobile applications (apps) in general continue to be a steady marketing performer, and health apps are growing very quickly. Currently, there are over 150,000 apps in the Apple iTunes app store for the iPhone and iPod touch platforms. When iPad launches, nearly all of these will be available for download. In addition to these legacy apps, the iPad also offers developers the ability to create iPad-specific apps featuring interactive long-form content. This additional functionality will allow apps to take advantage of a number of the iPad’s key features, including the larger color screen, support of HTML5 and faster processor. That’s why, for the purposes of pharmaceutical marketing, we are going to focus on this unique...

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