Ipod Case Study

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iPod Case Study

1. The convenience of having music anywhere you go was too much of an opportunity to pass up for anybody. What is the first thing you do when you get in your car, turn the radio on! It should be seatbelt but we’re all lying if we said that. The diffusion of the ipod into the market place was based on need to express one’s self according to the case study. With an affordable stylish not to mention functional accessory it was too hard for consumers to pass up. According to CBite 18-2 pg 613 from our book, creating visual magnetism is the first step in this process. Apple did just that with its sleek design and the ability to make it your own by offering free engraving with online purchases. (I know because I did it) The target audience was the early teenager, focusing on finding themselves, becoming individuals. Making it easy to use, simple made it all the easier for young teens to figure out, and once you have them hooked on a product young, you have them forever.
According to http://usabilitynotes.typepad.com/usabilitynotes/2009/10/demographics-age-data-for-iphone-and-iphone-touch-users.html iPod touch ownership was highest among the 13-17 years age group (46%) falling sharply after age 25 (23% of ipod touch users were 18-24, 12% were 25-34 and 12% 35-49. After that it's single figures).

2. Psychographics are the attempt to analyze and measure lifestyle. Through this Apple was able to formulate who to target when marketing the iPod. Would it be the wealthy business man with little time to himself or would it be the teenager trying to express his or her personality. Well using the figures from question one I can hypothesize that the younger generation ages 13-17 were the first to adopt the iPod into their life. This to me makes the most sense, newer technology is harder for an older generation to understand, shoot I had the original…...