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Iron Absorption

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The determination of iron in an unknown solution by using 1, 10 reagent phenanthroline.
Hydroxylamine hydrochloride solution (5 cm3, 10% w/v), acetate buffer (10 cm3, 0.10 mole dm! 3) and 1, 10-phenanthroline solution (5 cm3, 0.25% w/v). Was Pipette into the flask 20 cm3 of unknown iron solution Dilute the contents of the flask to the line with deionised water; a dropping pipette was used to add the last ml so to prevent overshooting. Then that solution was mark as A .Then the above procedure was repeated in 50 cm3 volumetric flask and marked the resulting flask as solution B.
The absorbance was measured at 510 nm of the standard provided and of loaded into the cell using a dropping pipette. The cell was handled by the opaque sides only ensuring the clear sides are clean, dry and unmarked and there are no air bubbles in the cell.
Concentration of iron in solution
/mol dm Absorbance of solution at 510 nm

0.25072 x10-4 0.201
0.50144x10-4 0.395
1.00188x10-4 0.793
1.2526x10-4 0.97
The results and concentration of standard and samples

Absorbance of sample A = 0.796
Absorbance of sample B = 0.797
Concentration of sample =1.020X10 -4 mole dm-3
Concentration of sample B=1.022X10 -4 mole dm-3
Average concentration =1.0215x10-4 mole dm-3
Concentration of iron in unknown solution=2.555x10-4

Additional calculations
Suppose the unknown solution (total volume 100cm3 )was made up by dissolving 2.3160g of a solid in 100cm3 of deionised water. Calculate the concentration of iron in the solid based on the results obtained...

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