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Human Resource Management (MGT501)


MGT - 501


his subject/course is designed to teach the basic principles of Human Resource Management (HRM) to diverse audience/students, including those who are studying this as a supporting subject for their bachelor degree program. This course is designed to provide you the foundations of HRM

whether you intend to work in HRM or not, most of these elements will affect you at some point in your career. Either you will be working with some organizations or having people working for you, in both cases you will be dealing with people. To be understandable and lively means that we need to communicate you. We start every chapter with learning objectives. The most important thing you will get out of this course are the basic skills required to succeed in today’s environment which are, you must be able to communicate, think creatively, plan effectively and deal with people.

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Human Resource Management (MGT501) INTRODUCTION TO HRM After studying this chapter, students should be able to understand the following: Describe HRM? Explain why are we concerned about HRM? Discuss Road-map of HRM

VU Lesson 1

LESSON OVERVIEW This chapter introduces the students with the basic concepts of the human resource management (HRM). During the lecture, we will be discussing the three main things, i.e. the introduction to HRM, the importance of HRM, and a brief discussion of the Resource topics that will follow today’s lecture. A basic concept of management states that manager works in organizations. Organization has three basic components, People, Purpose, and Structure. HRM is the study of activates regarding people working in an Human organization. It is a managerial function that tries to match an organization’s needs to the skills and abilities of its employees. Let’s see what

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