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Chapter 2

The researchers have decided to build a study on the causes and effects of being an irregular student in the College of Fine Arts and Design. This issue has been significant in all the universities due to its increasing number. But first, let us define what a regular and irregular means. Regular is for something to be normal, usual or customary. Irregular is for something to be not according to rule or unusual. In relation to our study, regular students are those who are following the normal flow of the given subjects to be passed, while irregular students are those who may have difficulties or problems in their given subjects. Those problems and difficulties may be defined or given, but needs further explanation.
“There have been a number of studies researching the factors that affect a person’s grade point average (GPA). Many of these factors include family life, personality characteristics, employment, and extracurricular activities. Lee and Lee (2007) found that family closeness is a key factor in determining a child’s academic performance. Their results indicated that students who rated their family closeness at a higher level displayed an ability to adjust to their schools better, which could enhance academic performance because they were more comfortable in their environment. Although not suggesting that the closeness of the family is a predictor of GPA, the Halawah study (2006) did indicate that children whose parents were involved in their education and encouraged them to do their work had significantly higher GPAs.” (The Impact of Sleepiness Levels on Academic Achievement for College Students Vol. 7) Though it is not a requirement to have personal closeness with the family members, the study have concluded that having supportive parents gives a huge impact on the student’s academic performance. The less...

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