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Is Breastfeeding the Right Choice

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Is Breastfeeding The Right Choice?

There have been many trends that moms have followed throughout the decades. One-minute breastfeeding is the best choice for the baby and there is no doubt about it, the next breastfeeding is no longer the trend and formula is in. My purpose for this paper is to figure out if breastfeeding is truly the best choice for a baby. Being young and hopeful, I one day want to have a child of my own, so hopefully this research will allow me to decide if I will breastfeed my baby. There are a lot of advantages to breastfeeding an infant. The advantages appeal not only to the infant but also to the mother. To start out breast milk is always warm and ready compared to having to prepare a bottle of formula. Not only is breast milk always ready but it also is zero dollars. Formula can be extremely expensive to continuously buy. Breastfeeding is much more accessible and is the least expensive option. Along with being convenient breast milk also enhances brain development and the infants I.Q. in ways that formula cannot. A longitudinal study over a period of eighteen years involving one thousand children was preformed to show breastfed infants grew up to have both higher intelligence and academic achievement than those who were formula fed (Burby). Research has determined that a child’s first three years are the most critical in brain development. The infant’s nutrition during these essential periods in early growth and development permanently affects the structure and function of the infant’s organs and tissues. The infant’s nutrition starts in utero and continues with breastfeeding. Human milk is able to meet all of the challenging requirements the infant needs in order to acquire optimum nutrition. Formulas cannot meet that same standard required by the infant. The mixture of the nutrition factors and the hormones that...

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