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Is Complete Diversity Possible

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Is Complete Diversity Possible Brook described a kind of image that people would prefer moving to the places where there were similar ideology or similar groups. That is what the congealing pot is like. It is an example that people couldn’t be compatible with others who belong to different groups. Situation of diversity is defined as one can stay with those who have different situation from it and feel compatible with the situation. For example, a democrat wouldn’t like to live in the area where republican live, a rich man would not like to live where poor men condensate. As Brook wrote that people can move to another place they like. So according to the points of Brook, I think, there is no complete diversity. One reason is that diversity is born with the birth of people. Difference in blood relationship makes people to have different situation to grow up and to be taught of different value concept, that is, the ideologies are different. Different ideologies can make them have opposite opinions on the same thing and they might dispute or fight. In my hometown, many people, especially women, believe Buddhism. They believe that there is too much retribution. So they advocate that people should not kill animals and eat their meats. In one town in South China, people like to eat dog meat and they even name a “dog meat” festival. Many Buddhists hate this activity. On the day of “dog’s meat” festival, many people come to the town to eat dog’s meat and many Buddhists come to the town to save dogs although some dogs are fed for their meats. The two groups disputed in many circumstances and they even fought. Local government arranged many policemen to avoid affairs. Although neither side is wrong, they are compatible with each other. People have different characters. Different characters may agree or not agree with the activities of others and it is one reason for incomplete diversity too. Some people want to be the leader; some people just want to finish the job, some people want to enjoy entertainment and some people want creation. The dispute of different characters mainly happens between the one who want to lead somebody and the one who want to enjoy entertainment. It is most possible that the two sides wouldn’t stay together. I had ever part-time job before in a shopping mall. Every month, the manager hired many new staffs. New staffs would be trained before they begin to work. The first thing that they should do is to obey the arrangement of the manager. It is average that manger would accuse somebody of lazy. And if the performance of the staff is not valid, they would be fired when they are in trial period. And somebody would resign in trial period. The caused may be that they disagreed with the scolding of manager or they could not continue the hard labor. In fact, in most case, the manager only scolds those who are not getting ready to work. Most of the staff who are not ready for the work because they prefer entertainment and wouldn’t like the future job as the current one so that they are lazy to give off the emotion or dispute with the manager because they don’t accept the fact that they are managed by the manager. In fact, it is recommended in some books that people who enjoy entertainment had better to select the career as artist so that they can be in the most suitable circumstances; and those who want to lead others had better select career as manager so that they can have the feeling of satisfactory. Once one works in groups and one works alone, they seldom stay together. Most people’s activities are monitored by the group they belong to. Different benefit groups may bring incomplete diversity. There are some groups who are hostile and members in the groups would not have relation with opposite ones. This is mostly for protect the groups off being threatened by the enemy. There is great communication cost for people belong to different levels. Some prefer not accepting diversity. People in different level would misunderstand with each other in many cases. This misunderstanding happens in Asian countries more easily than in the US because different culture. In China, many words should be thought thoroughly for the real meaning. But many peasants would talk in directly. For example, someone tell you “I will invite you for dishes if I am free”. If it lives in the city and was taught to be polite, it is just conventional greeting and has no meaning. But if it lives in village and no one told it to say in this way to be polite, and peasants thought it is not required, the words might usually become a true things. When there being misunderstanding, there will be gaps between both ones. And the cost might be that they would become strangers or become hostile. If they are doing business, the contract might be defeated and one will lose lot of money. That is why one company usually hire local people to do local business. But complete diversity is really desirable. Complete desire means people can accept with each other and would cooperate with each other together. The strength of team-spirit is advocated. Team-spirit requires people to cooperate together so as to run better. Team-spirit requires people to carry out jobs without the prejudice of diversity. We were taught in school to organize organization. Teachers wanted to tell us that the strength of groups is more available that private. We were taught this by leading others and being led by others, by cooperating to finish one thing. Many people have different ability and are good at different field. When we play a concert, the rhythm played by the required cooperation is always better than playing in a fuss. Diversity helps us to do well at every field. Complete diversity is good for forming peaceful environment. Incomplete usually bring dispute to people and bring trouble to our living. It is not possible that people in one area are all the same and have no conflicts of effects. Being compatible with others and finding out the best way to solve conflicts can let us be peaceful and have more time to do real good things, such as working or enjoying dishes instead of dispute or fight. There is no negative emotion is such a great thing. Complete diversity presents equality for human beings. We all said that the US is so democratic and we can have more chance when we live in the US. The US culture accommodates more diversity than other countries. The US is one of the most equal countries in the world for its respect for human rights. We can see that the prejudice in the US is weak today. Compatibility is one kind of appearance for equal rights. If diversity is complete, the US would be more dramatic in my mind. So although we have no complete diversity, we try to have it. id # 4468983512

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