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Is Evolution True

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Is Evolution True?
Kelius Hardy
October 21, 2013
Kenneth Skena
Is Evolution True?
Evolution is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary online as a progression of constant change from a plain to a compound state (2013). It is a perspective that different kinds of animals and plants originated from earlier species and have distinctive features because of their adaptation to new environments (Merriam-Webster, 2013). There are different perspectives concerning the origin of evolution and depending on an individual’s particular belief he may agree or disagree with the various viewpoints in existence today. This paper will cover the various viewpoints concerning evolution to include philosophical, theological, and sociological reflections. It will also cover the scientific process of evolution showing my agreement or disagreement with the process.
What is Evolution?
Organisms or species go through many hereditary changes over an extended period of time (Coyne, 2009). This means that one generation will be different from the other as they continue to evolve through changes in their genetic composition as they adapt to their environment (Coyne, 2009). Another belief concerning evolution is the concept of gradualism, which believes that a change in a species takes place after many generations have evolved, such as the development of birds from reptiles (Coyne, 2009). Speciation, yet another evolutionary concept, has the belief that although species share common traits they are all unique (Coyne, 2009). This means, even though species may have a common ancestor somewhere in their development the genes divided to create another species (Coyne, 2009). The common ancestor, the fourth concept of Darwin’s theory of evolution, is the other side of speciation (Coyne, 2009). It believes that genetic traits in organisms can be traced back to the original species by...

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