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Is Fair Trade Chocolate Really Fair?

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How fair is fair trade chocolate? Is chocolate leaving a bitter taste in your mouth? But now fair trade has made its way around and is a sweet solution to poverty. Fairtrade is an organization that offers the poor better trading conditions allowing them to earn the money that they should earn. Fair trade has lived up to their values by; reducing poverty, supporting better work conditions and protecting human rights in addition. The chocolate industry has a very bittersweet story behind it which includes child slavery and human trafficking.

Human trafficking is a hardship that many developing countries are suffering and the main cause of trafficking is poverty. Those who are in the state of being severely poor are willing to give up anything even for the smallest thing like water for example. Fairtrade has helped to reduce poverty by supplying Kuapa Kokoo (A co-operative based in Ghana that provides only ‘Child-labour’ free cocoa beans) with necessities that help to support over 45,000 individual cocoa farmers. Things such as water, food and proper housing are slowly in construction ever since farmers have been selling directly to fair trade therefore a decrease in poverty has taken place. A male farmer who goes by the name Issac Frimpong has said that “Fair trade has helped me get money to look after myself and my children, to buy food and to look after myself”.

Because Fair trade has partnered up with Kuapa Kooko, farmers have received equal human rights. Farmers no longer have to worry about getting paid unequally because everybody gets the amount of work that they put in. Farmers now have the money to buy food, send their children to a better life by giving them the education they deserve. Fairtrade has help support Kuapa Kokoo farmers by building wells so...

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