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Is God Really Dead?

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“A Select Issue in Contemporary Theology: God-Is-Dead Theology”

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John Kohler Whitley
October 5, 2014

Introduction Friedrich Nietzsche believed God is dead, and he has based his theology around these three words. Why does he believe God is dead? Friedrich Nietzsche could have called his theology God does not exist and easily conveyed his message. Nietzsche purposefully chose these three words to send a message to the Christian faith. Since the beginning of time the existence of God has been questioned. Science has attempted to provide humanity with an explanation for human origin and has failed. Atheists argue that God does not exist and do not really offer any strong counter argument to the contrary. Muslims, Jews, and Christians each claim they serve the one supreme Creator of the universe. Who is right and who is wrong? If God is dead, why is religion alive and well? This paper will attempt to answer these questions by providing examples and counter examples. By taking a closer look at the life of Friedrich Nietzsche, his beliefs, morals and values, one will find that he does not possess any evidence that God is dead.
Friedrich Nietzsche The life of Friedrich Nietzsche started out rather sadly. Nietzsche’s father, Karl Ludwig Nietzsche, developed a problem in the brain that caused him to die at the young age of 36. Karl was a Lutheran pastor who developed a medical condition called encephalomalacia. Friedrich Nietzsche was five years old when his father passed away. Shortly after, about six months later, his two-year-old brother also passed away. He watched two people that he loved dearly die at a very young age while living only yards away from a church. The...

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