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Is Golf a Sport

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Is Golf A Sport?
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Is golf a sport? You could say this it would be a stretch to call this a controversial issue, but whether golf is a sport or not has been endlessly debated for as long as there have been men sitting on barstools arguing about sports. The problem is that we live in a culture that constantly turns everything into measurable tests of will power and skill. So we decide to score non-competitive activities and that leaves us to wonder if the activity is a sport. As individuals, we rely on our own bias to guide us in making a determination if an activity is a sport. Because of these individual determinations you have a lot of people that will argue that golf is a sport and just as many people arguing that it is not a sport and just a game. Both sides of this argument are correct in their assumptions, golf can be defined both as a sport and as a game.
Golf is a very difficult game; it requires precision and physical ability to play at a competitive level. To be a successful golfer you need to have a consistent golf swing that requires sound mechanics and precise timing. The swing is a very complex motion that requires coordination of 17 muscle groups. These muscle groups consist of muscles located in the hands, the wrists, the arms, the abdomen and the legs (McHardy, 2005). The overall swing consists of a back swing, a down swing and an upswing. All three of these parts of the swing must work in harmony to produce solid result. If something goes wrong at any point during any part of the swing, it will more than likely result in a miss-hit. Depending on the skill of the player, a good golfer may be able to avoid the miss-hit by having the skill to make an athletic adjustment during the swing.
The goal of the golf swing is to direct kinetic energy to the club head so that when it makes contact with the ball, the energy...

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