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[Is It Ok to Download Movies and/or Music Without Paying for It? Why or Why Not? Arguments for and Against.

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[Is it ok to download movies and/or music without paying for it? Why or why not? Arguments for and against.] | Emilianos EllinasThe Business of Entertainment, Media and TechnologyOctober 16, 2013 |

Debate about legality and appropriateness of downloading copyrighted material is nothing new to the world we live in. Since the advent of P2P technology with Napster in 1999, the Entertainment industry has struggled to grasp the magnitude of this emerging cultural phenomenon. Never again in human history was it as effortless, economical and fast to copy and distribute music and movies to the masses. A few decades back, the entertainment industry faced a similar predicament regarding music cassettes and VHS tapes. They swore in belief that these “parasitic” technologies would disrupt economic growth forever. Yet again, history proved them utterly wrong, as they bigger than ever.
The main arguments branch into three lines of defense against downloading: (i) how the artists make a living; (ii) the Entertainment industry’s growth and affluence; (iii) the claim “without copyright, there will be no culture” . Nowadays, artists expect to be paid, and remuneration is their incentive to stay creative and continue working, because at the end of the day this is how they pay their bills. Does this support the viewpoint that this will make the industry shrink, and less creative content will be available for our enjoyment? Every year the industry announces a higher number in lost profits, by which they try to explain the extent of the problem, but the figures are contradicted in scholar studies.
The industry criticizes the ethics of people downloading content without paying, by saying that someone has spent time and money for it to be made, so he has to be rewarded. And that this is the way to show support towards the creators of content, because otherwise, fewer investments…...

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