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Is It Plagiarism Yet?

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Is It Plagiarism Yet?

Discussion Questions:

What are some of things that are considered blatant plagiarism?

Cheating, and borrowing an unauthorized document that was not written by you. This includes coping a large section from a source without the proper punctuations/citations. When plagiarism is used, you are not giving the original owner proper credit. You are submitting documents that are not coming from your thoughts, nor were they type or written out. These words were created by someone else's thoughts.
I have returned back to school to educate myself with the courses that were setup for me through the proper handling of Post University, so that I can move forward towards my goals, and career. It would be “common knowledge” for me to know that I would not learning the courses. It would be “common knowledge” for me to know that I do not deserve the credit. And that the Instructors time was wasted. What are some of the sources that require citations and references?
T.V. Shows

In your own words, what is common knowledge?

Common knowledge is knowing that if you are deliberately doing it. Using plagiarism, there are going to be consequences. You should know that you will not be receiving the grade that you think you deserve.
Your Instructor would probably give you a big fat 0 grade because it will not count as your work.
At Post University there has been a second, even a third occurrence. Depending on the different scenarios, action is handle different. But, there will always be disciplinary action, even expelled.

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