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Is Jimmy Carter's Argument For The Preservation Of The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

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In Subhankar Banerjee’s adaption of former President Jimmy Carter’s Foreword to Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: Seasons of Life and Land, A Photographic Journey, Carter advocates for the preservation of the Arctic Refuge, “a symbol of our national heritage.” He aspires to prevent it from getting marred “by a web of roads and pipelines, drilling rigs and industrial facilities.” To successfully convey his argument, Carter implements tactical reasoning and appeals to the ethical side of the readers. Through sharing his own “fortunate opportunity to camp and hike in these regions of the Arctic Refuge,” Carter efficiently and promptly appeals to the ethical and emotional side of the readers. Starting with a personal narrative and his experience is powerful, since it immediately begins to depict a beautiful image of the Arctic Refuge to the readers, For those individual who have not had the chance to visit the Arctic Refuge, the image that they have in their minds is that of Carter’s, which is one of “brilliant mosaic wildflowers” and the “tundra flood[ing] with animals.” Similarly, through phrases like “a timeless quality” and “once-in-a-lifetime wildlife spectacle,” Carter, a man of great stature, creates a sense of curiosity in the reader, which adds to their magical …show more content…
Appealing to the environmentalists and animal lovers, Carter explains how these destructions would “disturb countless numbers of animals that depends on this northernmost terrestrial ecosystem.” Therefore, these individual are, too, against the demolition of the home of many

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