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Is Management Within a Business Ethical?

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Is Management within a Business Ethical?
In this essay I am going to argue and focus on how management within businesses and corporations are frequently unethical nevertheless necessary. In Section One I am going to argue that the way in which management is exercised is to some extent designed to be unethical. Through the use of W D Ross and Immanuel Kant (1785) I am going to outline ethics and employ Roberts, J. (1984) and Milgram’s (1974) works to display how management can be seen as not ethical. In Section Two I aim to reveal that not only the exercise of management is dissolute but individual managers themselves operate unethically as well. To confirm this I am going to mainly refer to Knights, D and Roberts, J. (1982) and Morgan, G. (2006) to illustrate how managers can perform unethical acts. On the other hand in Section Three I am going to highlight the necessity for management within Businesses despite the fact that the structure of management and the managers themselves are unethical. To exemplify this I will use the work of Huczynski, A. (1993) to argue that management is essential in spite of being unethical it is still significant even in our day-to-day lives.
Section One: Management is Unethical In order to determine whether management within a business is ethical, an important question needs to be asked, what is ethical? W D Ross (1877-1971) a well recognized Philosopher for his work on deontological conveys his views on ethics. He is best known for “The Right and the Good” (1930) where he differentiates between what is right and good and argues that “moral obligations are intrinsically compelling whether or not they fulfill results in some greater good” - "Productivity of maximum good is not what makes all right actions
 right…"Basically even though the result may be superior the way in which it was executed may not be moral. Consequently should...

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