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Is Mass Marketing Dead?

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The question was posed “Is Mass Marketing dead?” Many marketers may would yes, but I would say not quite, but it is dying. As one should already know, with mass marketing, also know as interruption marketing, “the firm ignores segment differences and goes after the whole market with one offer. Unfortunately, the ability to create a large potential market that leads to the lowest costs, lower prices, or higher margins is no longer a necessity. In this day and age the change from mass marketing to micromarketing is as much an opportunity as it is a need. During the time when it was harder to gather personal information about consumers, mass marketing was the best route to go. You put your campaign out to the world and if you’re lucky, a large percentage of consumers will be interested in what you’re company is selling. If the reaction was positive, you knew what worked. If the response was negative, you found out what changes were needed and companies went back and tried again. In this new era of marketing, there is a new breed of consumers who are obsessed with self gratification and want a more personalized experience which means that mass marketing is slowly being pushed out of sight. If consumers continue to get these personalized touches, eventually prospective customers will demand it more and more. The largest of companies still don’t agree with this and think mass marketing is the way to go.

The advancements in technology are also starting to lead to the demise of mass marketing. Consumers have gotten so used to marketers sending them these mass messages that don’t apply to them that they have learned to filter them out and receive only the messages that apply. Even better (or worse for mass marketing) is with technology like TiVO and DVR, consumers can watch a program and skip every commercial that was shown during a television show. And if TiVO or DVR is…...

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