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Is Social Media Really the Solution to All Marketing Problems?

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“Social media has become the marketing tool for the 21st century and companies should exploit it fully if they are to survive.” Is social media really the solution to all marketing problems? Discuss.

“Social media’, also referred to as consumer-generated media, is web-based software and services that contain anything which can be displayed electronically, allowing users from different parts of the world to exchange, discuss, communicate and participate in any form of social interaction online (Ryan and Jones, 2012). Marketing is also developing as a conversation more than other forms. Using social media as a marketing strategy is easy and convenient. In addition, it is a powerful tool and more effective than a traditional ones, so it has been generally considered that social media is the key to solving all marketing problems. However, that is not the case; there is some disutility related to social media use in marketing. The essay will discuss both the positive and negative impact of social media on marketing.

Using social media in marketing can benefit companies a lot. Ryan and Jones (2012) state that it is good for companies to join the conversation in social media marketing because customers are getting together and discussing about everything relevant to them already whether they are involved or not. in other word, social media is irresistible in marketing.

Companies can easily gain information about what customers think and are interested in through social media, so that they can focus on products that customers really want and need. When they get involved actively, they will live a favorable impression on customer, so that they can build up their reputation as well.

Compared to the traditional offline marketing methods which cost a lot, getting feedback on social website is more economical. What’s more, it is more likely to collect large amount of...

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