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Social networking sites allow people to stay in touch like never before. However, people who are using them spend too much time on these social networks that it begins to interfere with their lives. Are social networks good for our society? While it is true that social networking is educational, people should regulate the amount of time spent on social network because it’s addicting or obsessive, eliminates privacy, and it’s affecting the way we communicate.
To begin with, Social networks may be filled with negativity it’s also a way to improve information literacy skills. This skill is the ability to recognize the quality of information. Social networks expands exposure to information which allows people the chance to analyze, create, and evaluate information to develop critical thinking skills. With social networks and teenagers, this is important as the most impactful part of social networks. When collecting information, people can learn to blend it into ideas and present it. Information literacy alone encourages critical thinking, and skepticism.
Moreover, social networks like Facebook increases communication. Facebook offers a great program for teachers to build study groups. Professors/teachers can also utilize Facebook to set up projects or lesson plans. With Facebook students can collaborate easily on assignments and the teacher is more accessible. Another advantage is that the students who are shy can direct message the teacher to for questions. With professors/teachers on Facebook helps students appear more approachable to one another. In this scenario, social networks & teenagers can be a very beneficial combination.
As with alcohol or coffee, some people are able to handle social networks that is sweeping society. However, more and more people are becoming addicted to social networks. Some people spend hours on social sites like Facebook and Twitter…...

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