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Is Technology a Distraction

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Is Technology a Distraction?
Technology is almost everyone’s best-friend; it’s there when you need it, through the good and the bad. Even though technology could be a distraction in the classroom, it could also be a helpful source. Having a computer right in front of you through the entire class period, you will want to get on the internet and use it, whether it’s school related or not. Assigning computers in the classroom could be a distraction to many students. No matter what the situation is technology will always be a distraction in the classroom. Right when students get into the classroom they immediately login to the computer, get onto the Internet and login to either Facebook, or their E-Mail. As for myself, I use to get into the classroom, log on into Facebook and spend most of my time on the Internet; I paid nearly no attention to the professor. I saw myself slacking off almost every day. Actually, students that showed up to class would immediately get on the Internet (browsing non-related classwork) till class was over. According to Christine Careage a journalist “Technology is disengaging students instead of engaging them” (Careage, 2010). Many students are careless about the lecture and are focused on what is new on the Internet. Students aren’t doing well in class because they’re too busy exploring the Internet and it’s definitely a problem. Even students, who don’t go on the Internet as much as other student’s, see the person in front of them doing whatever on the computer, and it’s a distraction. Exploring the internet during class non-stop made me realize that it made me less knowledgeable because I wouldn’t be getting the right information I needed for the tests and quizzes. After class was over, I was clueless about what was due that week. However, technology in the classroom could be distracting depending on the person. Student’s actually like...

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