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Is the End Really Near?

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If you only had one more day to live, how would you spend it and who would you spend it with? These are the questions that 7 billion people are going to be faced with in a few weeks. This is called the ‘’Theory of 2012’’ or “The end of the world’’ According to this theory, December 21, 2012 is the ‘’last day of earth’’. No matter how many reasons are given to prove this theory, there are still many controversies and speculations. The 2012 apocalypse is false because of too many proofs to this theory, the vague and useless information and the lack of media development.
If the apocalypse were to be true, there would be only one proof for this theory. One popular known reason is the Mayan calendar. This calendar was created over thousands of years ago and according to their calendar December 21, 2012 was the end. People also believed that the Mayans predicted series or misfortunate events marking that date. Another theory also was discovered which was the crashing of Nibiru. This proof was discovered by scientists that a planet under this name will hit the earth changing everything. If the world would have an end, there wouldn’t be more than one proof.

The problem with this so called apocalypse is that if one would want to find out more information about why the world is going to end, that would be a difficult task to accomplish. If you look in books, or search online they will give you very minimal information. This is because the theory is so undeveloped and unexpected that people can’t even take time to find out why. Also not only is there not enough information, but there is no support for their answers. If this doomsday were to be true, multiple information and scientific explanation would be provided.
Like any other developing news story, it is always tracked by the media who talk about it every second of the day. With the apocalypse of 2012 the media does not seem to talk about as much as people would expect it to. In fact the media does seem to talk about it, all they do is make an amusement out of it , instead of making it something serious. Also a movie was made about the apocalypse showing what would happen if it were to come true, and also making it seem like an amusement. Therefore the media publicities this all in a non-serious way.
There has been a lot of controversies about 2012 being the final year, but how on earth is it possible to pinpoint the exact date, month and year, all in one, of the end of the world. If it would end there would have to be only one proof to this theory , really detailed information and the media developing this story every second of the day which we obviously do not have. The question still remains to be solved, will the world end December 21, 2012? Stay tuned to find out.

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