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Is There a Need for Arts Managers?

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‘I've read and heard too much nonsense about how arts management is somehow special, but a good manager should be able to transpose their management skills to meet the needs of their business, arts or otherwise.’ Dave Moutry (2012).
- Is there a need for arts managers?


On the basis of the quote mentioned in the title by Dave Moutrey (2012), I think he is trying to convey that there is not much difference between an arts manager and a general business manager. He mentions that he has heard from a lot of people saying that being an arts manager is different or maybe superior to a general manager. However he concludes that if a person is a skilled professional then that is enough, as long as it helps him to achieve the organizations goals and gets the work done on time, whether it is in the arts or any other sector. Bendixen (2000) cited in Caust (2010) shares the same thoughts as Moutrey, where he says that managing an arts organization is not much different than managing any other business activity.

Based on Dave Moutrey’s quote I would like to add an extract from Kirchberg and Zembylas’s (2010; p. 2) article on Arts Management: A Sociological Inquiry:

“Arts management has been traditionally closely associated with business economics and management studies. An extreme position would therefore argue that arts management represents a professional field that has no significant difference to any other business field. Hence, persons with practical experience in any business might be competent enough to maintain leading positions as arts managers in all cultural organizations. However, individuals who have been professionally socialized in the arts generally tend to conceive arts management differently; they frequently distance themselves, mostly as superior, to arts management issues. This dissociation from everyday organizational necessities…...

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