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Is this country music? “Do you wish somebody had the nerve to tell that stupid boss of yours to shove it, next time he yells at you,” sings Brad Paisley on the renowned Nashville stage.
With its world premiere at the 2010 Country Music Awards, Brad Paisley’s new hit single, “This is Country Music,” has taken the likes of millions of fans across the world.
While referring to several of the past and present faces of country music including George Strait and Johnny Cash, it is no wonder this song has soared up the music charts. Numerous covers of “This is Country Music” have been posted to YouTube at a high rate and their view count number is getting bigger by the hour.
Paisley, who was is also the Country Music Award’s entertainer of the year, shows his heartfelt sincerity in this song by singing about country music and how so many songs can be related to everyday life. Not every song will relate to every listener, but there is sure to be a country song that relates to your life in one way or another.
Whether it’s an upbeat song like “Country Boys Can Survive” or a slow song like Dolly Parton’s “Stand by Your Man,” Paisley covered the bases for everyone’s personal soundtrack.
Approximately two minutes into the song there is a thirty second guitar solo before he discusses country music’s strong point of view on freedom in America. The melody coming from fiddles and banjos is reduced to showcase Paisley and his showy electric guitar solo.
Although I was able to reveal several memorable parts of the song, I cannot do the same for the ending. With over one minute left in the song, Paisley begins rattling off numerous old country songs. Rather than making me realize what exactly country music is, the ending makes me question what one song has to do with another.
I think this song would be more powerful and would reach a larger audience if Paisley would have sang about the content of popular country songs rather than attempting to sing the title while having his voice overpowered by background music.
Following his greatest hits album, Paisleys fourth album, also entitled “This is Country Music,” will be released with this popular track and several others on May 24.
Although the song “This is Country Music” has some faults that could be improved on, premiering it months before Paisley’s fourth album is released is giving country music fans across the world reason to listen.

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