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IS201 Chapter 8 Study Guide 1. This consists of the programs that control or maintain the operation of the computer and its devices and serves as the interface between the user, the application software, and the computer’s hardware. * System Software 2. Two types system software include these. * Operating Systems * Utility Programs 3. This is a set of programs containing instructions that work together to coordinate all the activities among computer resources. * Operating system 4. The functions of operating system include these. * Provide user interface * Start and shutdown computer * Coordinate tasks * Control a network 5. The process of starting a computer is called this. * Booting 6. Two types of booting include these. * Cold boot * Warm boot 7. This is the process of turning on a computer that has been powered off completely. * Cold boot 8. This is the process of using the operating system to restart a computer. It properly closes any running processes and programs and it does not save any unsaved work. Therefore, always remember to save you work before rebooting (restarting) a computer. * Warm boot 9. This contains system files that will start computer when computer cannot boot * Recovery disk 10. This controls how you enter data and instructions and how information displays on screen * User interface 11. Two types of user interface include these. * Graphical user interface * Command line interface 12. This interface make user types commands or presses special keys on the keyboard to enter data and instructions are often difficult to use because they require exact spelling, grammar, and punctuation. * Command line interface 13. This interface make user interacts with menus and visual images such as buttons and other graphical objects and is user-friendly * GUI...

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