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Is3220 Project Part 1

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IS 3220 IT Infrastructure Security
Project Part 1: Network Survey
Project Part 2: Network Design
Project Part 3: Network Security Plan
ITT Technical Institute

Project Part 1: Network Survey
Network Design and Plan
Executive Summary:
We have been engaged in business for some time, and have been very successful, however we need to re-examine our network configuration and infrastructure and identify that our network defenses are still reliable, before we make any changes. We need to take a hard look at our current configuration of host, services and our protocols within our organization. Data from a large number of penetration tests in recent years show most corporate networks share common vulnerabilities. Many of these problems could be mitigated by appropriate education in “hacker thinking” for technical staff. We will take a look at our security on routers and switches to make sure there are no leakages of data traffic.
We have identified that we have loss some major accounts to competitors whose bids have been accurately just under our bid offers by exact amounts. We also believe due to shared reporting and public Web site functions that our Web servers have been compromised and our RFP documents have been leaked to competitors which enabled them to under bid us. We want to mitigate Web threats in the future; we realize the web is a mission critical business tool. We want to purchase new products and services, that will give us an edge and better protect our networks and data, and that we address new and complex strategies against future attacks.
SCOPE OF SERVICES 1. Procedures * Assist in planning and implementation of current configuration of host and services. * Network equipment evaluation ,and use of existing architecture * Look at growing threats to network Web Server, check Web malware, all uncontrolled use of...

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