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Is4550 Lab 9

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Risk-Threat-Vulnerability IT Security Policy Definition
Unauthorized access from Public Internet Acceptable Us Policy
User Destroys Data in application and deletes all files Asset Identification and Classification Policy
Hacker penetrates you IT infrastructure and gains access to your internal network Vulnerability Assessment and Management Policy
Intra-office employee romance gone bad Security Awareness Training Policy
Fire destroys primary data center Threat Assessment and Management policy communication circuit outages Asset Protection Policy
Workstation OS has a known software vulnerability Vulnerability Assessment and Management Policy
Unauthorized access to organization owned Workstations Asset Management Policy
Loss of production data Security Awareness Training Policy
Denial of service attack on organization e-mail server Vulnerability Assessment and Management Policy
Remote communications from home office Asset Protection Policy
LAN server OS has a known software vulnerability Vulnerability Assessment and Management Policy
User downloads an unknown e-mail attachment Security Awareness Training Policy
Workstation browser has software vulnerability Vulnerability Assessment and Management Policy
Service provider has a major network outage Asset Protection Policy
Weak ingress/egress traffic filtering degrades performance Vulnerability Assessment and Management Policy
User inserts CDs and USB hard drives with personal photos, music, and video's Security Awareness Training Policy
VPN tunneling between remote computer and ingress/egress router Vulnerability Assessment and Management Policy
WLAN access points are needed for LAN connectivity within a warehouse Asset Identification and Classification Policy
Need to prevent rogue users from unauthorized WLAN access Vulnerability Assessment and Management Policy…...

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