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Littlefield Technologies Game Strategy- Group 28

I. PROJECT MANAGEMENT: We can apply multiple project management concepts to planning the project, scheduling the project, and controlling the project. First, the project was planned and scheduled by setting a goal of completion. Considering the group’s total allotted time, our goal was to have the description of the game strategy completed 48 hours before the deadline, and to work collaboratively on the statistical spreadsheet 24 hours before the deadline. The game strategy was divided amongst team members (work break-down) within the group in a classroom setting. After defining the objective of the assignment, two team members worked together on question 2, and two team members worked separately on questions 1, 3, and 4. The fifth question in the game strategy was d givided between all five team members, and solutions were collected in one spreadsheet using Google Docs. Second, during Phase 2 of the Littlefield Technologies game, each team member will rotate equal turns monitoring and controlling the processing system every 3 to 4 hours every day during the 4-day phase. Revisions made to the system will be decided as a group, and implementation will be communicated through e-mail. Considering previous experiences in group projects, communication is imperative in the successful completion of the Littlefield Technologies Game. Every group member must commit to taking initiative and being involved in the project, and respect their fellow team member’s ideas and deadlines in order to obtain a mutual goal.

1. CUSTOMER ORDERS: In order to follow the development of arriving orders per day during the year, we would implement a time series of the data using short range forecasting. Time series are important because they are often...

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