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Ishmael Beah Thesis

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Ishmael Beah
All around the world, children have no choice but to fight in war in order to stay alive. Ishmael Beah, once one of these children, now acts for those who think they have no choice but to fight. Being the author of a book titled A Long Way Gone provides a platform that allows Beah to provide a better life for those in combat during their youth. This motivational memoir is about Beah’s time as a child soldier himself. Ishmael Beah has used his firsthand experiences of war and death to gain an education as well as a place in the world of advocates and entrepreneurs.
Ishmael Beah had a pretty normal childhood. Well, about as normal as a childhood could be for one living in the midst of a civil war. Born November 23, 1980, Beah grew up in Sierra Leone. When he was 12 years old his country was
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The military definitely has affected Ishmael Beah in negative ways, but it has also allowed Beah to network, travel, and build a life for himself. After being rescued, he attended a United Nations conference where he was able to be a voice for children fighting in wars. At this conference he was also able to meet Laura Simms, who ended up adopting Beah as her own (Hope). Beah has now grown up and left behind the detrimental life he lived in Sierra Leone. New York became his new home (Shephard). It is here that he attended college and discovered his passions in life (Montagne). Now an author, Ishmael Beah has inspired many. Titled A Long Way Gone, his first book, a memoir, is about his time as a child soldier. This book made a name for Beah. Starbucks even sponsored a 10 city book tour based off of the chronicles (Luscombe). He has sold 1.5 million copies and is still writing to this day (Minzesheimer). Ishmael Beah’s legacy does not stop there: he has been in two different movies, has published an additional novel, and even has a movie made about his life (Luscombe). Beah’s success has inspired

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