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“ Is He not closer than the vein of your neck? You need not raise your voice, for he knows the secret whisper, and what is yet more hidden… He knows what is in the land and in the sea; no leaf falls but he knows it’ nor is there a grain in the darkness under the earth, nor a thing, green or sere, but it is recorded (Smith 238).”

In this part of the book smith is showing how Muslims view their God Allah. Showing that he is omnipotent and everywhere at the same time. Also, to not show disrespect to Allah by raising your voice. I found this very surprising at how similar it is to Christianity. To find out that they viewed Jesus as a prophet as well simply blew my mind. Seemed like from the outside growing up the Muslims were so different from Christians yet our religion is intertwined with theirs. Muslims believe in one God as do Christians. They even believe that Jesus lived and died unlike Christians though they just view Jesus as a prophet and not the son of God. Yet Christians and Muslims are portrayed as hating one another in main stream media yet our views on life are very similar. Even the teachings of not stealing and killing another man are agreed upon. So strange that two religions so intertwined hate each other so much. Espically when Muslims think that Christians are going to heaven as well. Unlike Christians who believe that Muslims are incorrect. Seems that if people would only broaden their horizon when it comes to informing themselves on others religion then their would be much less hate between the two religions and more love and compassion instead.…...

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...Report on Religious Field Research: Islam April Erique Dr. Keyes REL 212 12/11/11 Even though, it’s one of the most popular religions throughout the world, I believe that Islam is difficult to understand. People have their opinions about Islam and its followers. Especially, after September 11, 2001, many Americans became either fearful or angry towards Muslims and assumed that the Islamic religion and entire community was to blame. It’s a bit like the discrimination that Japanese Americans felt after Pearl Harbor but there wasn’t really blame on their religious views and morals. Well, before I actually had Muslim friends and acquaintances, I didn’t know much about the religion either. The good thing is that I wasn’t raised to be stereotypical but I did have a few ideas of the Islamic faith but I didn’t have any type of proof or reason behind it. One of the biggest misconceptions I had was that Muslims were against the belief of Jesus. Another big misconception I had with Islam was that all believers were Arab and was really only practiced in the Middle East. I also believed all Muslim women must stay covered up while in public and are believed to be beneath the men in their lives. Besides, women having limitations, I felt that it was a very strict religion in which the followers can’t drink, smoke, or partake in any type of promiscuous activities. As an outsider trying to catch a peek inside, I honestly had plenty of misconceptions of...

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