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Islamophobic Beliefs

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Abstract 3

Introduction 4

The psychological importance of the veil: shaping first impressions 7

The present research 10

Method 12

Positive Survey 13

Non Muslim perception of Islam in the West 13

Non Muslim perception of Islam in the West 15

Non Muslim perception of Islam in the west 20

Non Muslim perception of Islam in the west 23

Communication scale 28

Islamophobia scale 29

Design 30

Participants 30

Materials 30

Procedure 30

Analysis 31

Potential applications 33

Limitations and future directions 34

Conclusion 36

References 37


This research study will aim to measure the Islamophobic beliefs in non-Muslim people living in the West in multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-faith societies such as London. To conduct this study, I will be replicating a study that has been produced by Everett et al (2015) called ‘Covered in Stigma? I will be conducting this research project to test Non-Muslim responses towards Muslim appearing people such as men in traditional clothes, beards and women in head coverings. I will use quantitative analysis to test my hypothesis, using two questionnaires, the Islamophobia scale and the Communication Scale as well as images of Muslim men and women in Islamic clothing depicted in an affirmative light or a poorly to prime participants beforehand.

Introduction Prejudice and inequity towards the Muslim community has risen largely over the last few years. There is great proof indicating that Muslims are experiencing different categories of prejudice and discrimination (Pew Research Centre, 2007). Also, this pattern has increased greatly particularly after the terrorist attack of 9/11 in America and the 7/7 attack in the United Kingdom (Pew Research Centre, 2007). Straback & Listhaug (2008) examined...

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