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Isle Royale

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The Moose Arrive

In exercise one we simulated the arrival of a small group of moose that swam to Isle Royal. The simulation ran over time so that the moose can form a large population on the island. We studied this population of moose before the wolves’ arrival. The simulation ran for 50 years. After the 50 years simulation was completed the data was collected and analyzed.

Answers to Questions:

ANS: The approximate size of the moose population is 600.

ANS: The Approximate maximum population size the moose obtained was 930.

ANS: Simulated Graph:

ANS: The exponential growth is approximately from 0 years to 20 years circles in pink.

ANS: The moose population grew fastest smallest.

ANS: The carrying capacity is approximately 600. It is labeled in a red K on the graph.

6.1 dN = rmax N (K-N) dt K

ANS: “dN/dt” in the equation above is a differential calculating notation that represents instantaneous change in population size (N) over time (t).

ANS: When the population size (N) approaches the carry capacity (K) and N=K then the equation is rewritten as such:

dN = rmax K (K-K) dt K

ANS: Therefore when (N=K) then dN/dt = 0. When dN/dt = 0 then the population stops growing at its maxima per capita rate and stops growing.

Workbook Graph Simulated Graph

ANS: In the workbook graph there isn’t a death phase before reaching (K) whereas in the simulated graph there is a short death period before stabilizing. Also in the work book the carrying capacity occurs at maximum population point while in the simulated graph the carrying capacity occurs below the maximum population point showing that the population decreased a little before reaching its carrying capacity.…...

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