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Isle Royale

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Pre-Lab Questions

1. Where is Isle Royale and how did the moose and elk get to the island?

The Isle Royale is 15 miles off of the northern shore of Lake Superior, just south of the border between Canada and the USA.

2. Why is an island an ideal setting for studying population dynamics?

The isolation of the island provides conditions for a unique natural experiment to study the predator-prey system. Isle Royale is large enough to support a world population, but small enough to allow scientist to keep track of all of the wolves and most the moose on the island in any given year.

3. What is carrying capacity?

Carrying capacity is the maximum, equilibrium number of organisms of a particular species that can be supported indefinitely in a given environment.

4. What types of organisms are more likely to follow an exponential growth curve (refer to week 5 textbook readings and lecture notes)?

5. What types of organisms are more likely to follow a logistic growth curve (refer to week 4 textbook readings and lecture notes)?

Start EcoBeaker Virtual Labs and load the “Isle Royale” lab. Just like with the Keystone Predator lab it is recommended you print out and fill in your answers on the work book, then just type the requested answers onto this assignment.

Exercise I

Make sure you follow directions carefully. Insert your workbook answers below.

5.1. What is the approximate size of the stable moose population? 720

5.2. What was the maximum size the moose population attained? 970

5. The moose population grew fastest when it was a. Smallest b. medium-sized c. largest

6. Based on your graph, what is the carrying capacity of moose on the island? 720

5. I am not requiring you to dissect the logistic growth equation. If you feel…...

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