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Isolation, Identification of Microbes Isolated from Thar Desert

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This study was done to identify the characterization, isolation and identification of microorganism from the desert soil. In the present study, thermal resistant and osmotolerant bacteria from the Thar soils were reported. Bacteria were isolated from 20 soil samples of 100gm each, collected from sand dunes. As Thar Desert were also evaluated for their plant growth promontory effects in terms of seed germination, shoot and root length elongation and total biomass production. It also tells about the occurrence of nodulated legumes. Most of the bacteria grow best in normal environmental conditions, but some grow in extreme conditions like extremes of pH, temperature, high salt reservoirs of microorganisms, as bacteria, protozoans, yeasts, molds, and microscopic worms are routinely found in this environment and are continuously submitted to environmental and anthropogenic perturbations which can lead to serious modifications of microbial taxonomic and functional diversity present in desert soil, therefore some of the fungi like Thermophilic fungi are also present in these conditions. Moreover DNA Based Identification and Characterization of microorganisms were also done from the soil of Thar Desert. Along with this, application of the microorganism isolated from the thar desert are like in biofertiliser, for medicinal parouses etc., example Ricinus communis etc., as nitrogen fixing organisms .Some of the examples of the microorganisms found in thar desert soil are rhizobacteria, Thermonospora archaea, Prosopie cineraria, Streptomycese.

It is reported that different types of microorganisms are found in the soil of Thar Desert soil like bacteria, fungi, protozoans,
* Thermophiles

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