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Sexism is a problem that every person will experience at least once in the life. The oppression can be as simple as a joke, to as a serious as rape or death. This bias is hidden in stereotypes and in common practices, or it can be front page news. Gender discrimination is so ingrained into our society that it will always be commonplace in our everyday lives. The main reason for its continuing in our society is the history of ignorance and misinformation. Sexism is the discrimination or prejudice of a person based on whether that is a man, women, or transgender.
Women have the hardest struggle against sexism. These prejudices can affect them in hundreds of ways from the workplace, home, and their safety while out and about. Nationally, women are subject to horrible mistreatment such as domestic violence and sexual assaults. Globally the amount of abuse to women is disgusting. War rapes, gendercide, genital mutilation, honor killings are not only being done to women, but are being accepted as a part of some cultures. The main issue most women face daily is inequality between men and women faced in the media, workplace, marriage, and many other important areas. It’s not only that women need to be accepted in everything they want to do, but also the
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Many cases of rape against men can go unreported because of fear that everyone will find out. This is also a problem in cases of domestic assaults, where they can go unreported or wrongly report. It is a perception that if men will lose their masculinity if a gentlemen is the victim in these types of things. One thing I notice a lot is the perception that men cannot be good parents. It seems like the joke is that men work all the time and when forced to parent they are goofs and mess-ups. Many of the issues men have to deal tremendous amounts of unfairness is in family law including divorce, custody, and child support

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