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Purpose: To inform the public about newly passed legislating that can affect them directly in the future.

Thesis: Show how limiting the pharmacy to only giving one refill on control prescriptions severely affects not only the elderly in pain, but also young people after any operation.
Greeting; my name and topic
Short story about teenager who had just recently had their wisdom teeth removed.
Explain that I work in a pharmacy and that my pharmacist was one of the main people who wrote the law.
Main Point 1) Law explanation
Passing responsibility to the pharmacy instead of the doctor
New system of reporting what controls individuals pick up that gets reported to a state wide database.
Limiting the number of refills on prescription painkillers to one.
Main Point 2) Five-Step Decision Making Process
Explain the problem by sharing a true story of an elderly lady calling in crying that she is in pain.
Explain why this law was first passed
Avi Israel (father who started crusade in honor of his son)
Nationwide problem Show examples of what else could have been done and why they might not work
Have a system for doctor to reduce scripts
Some practice out of home with limited technology
Regular screening for chronic pain individuals
Many patients are nursing home bound or are too ill to leave their homes
Have a special system of codes to allow for multiple refills such as currently in place for three month supplies
Some people might forge the special code to receive a greater day supply
Best way to solve this is by having the doctors participate in a system and reduce the number of scripts written
Benefits that include less doctor hopping and reduce abuse of prescription pills
Petition law makers to switch system over to doctors and require them to report all control scripts written so that pharmacist can check on their status.
Vow to stop prescription pain killer abuse by stopping it at the source
Thank audience
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