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IT 101-002
September 22, 2013
IT News Report Assignment 1
Article Summary The article, “The iPhone 5s fingerprint reader: what you need to know”, explains how the fingerprint sensor works to its readers. For the first time, Apple has introduced a new technology called the “Touch ID” in its iPhone 5s. Basically, this feature enhances the security for the phone’s owner, where they no longer have to solely rely on entering a passcode to access their phone. The new iPhone 5s makes use of a capacitance fingerprint reader, which measures and senses the user’s fingerprint and further forms an image. This sensor has been placed in the “home” button of the phone. Eventually, the iPhone does not store the user’s fingerprint but instead runs a scan every time a finger is placed on the sensor. The emergence of this new technology does not mean that passcodes will no longer be used. Passcode is a must! If the sensor breaks or something happens to your finger, you need a way to get back into your phone. Other Apple services, such as iCloud or iTunes, will still require passwords, as fingerprint readers cannot always be used for them. However, purchases can be made using the Touch ID. According to Apple, this new technology will prove to be exciting to its users. A simple four-digit passcode will no longer always need to be used to get into your phone. Touch ID along with the use of a passcode will prove to be more secure for the iPhone user.
Day by day, new advancements in technology are proving to be beneficial to humans in a number of ways. The introduction of a fingerprint sensor in a smartphone by Apple has captured the hearts of many. IPhone 5s users will encounter such an experience for the first time. Apple customers can now sense a greater degree of security. They will now have to worry less about people breaking into their phones. With the Touch ID, the...

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