It 205 Week 6 Checkpoint – the Contribution of Enterprise Systems

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IT 205 Week 6 CheckPoint – The Contribution of Enterprise Systems
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Enterprise systems or ERP systems are a suite of integrated software that collects data from different divisions and departments in an organization and collects their data in one central database.
ERP systems offer a wide range of functionality and benefit to the business that use the. One example of an ERP system is a system that is used to calculate sales commissions. This type of ERP system could allow a user to enter sales data into a web-based service. The web-based system would then access sales systems to determine the sales commissions (Foster, 2010). Another example of an effective EP system is Enterprise systems help an organization create operational excellence by providing information to help managers in the decision making process. Coca-Cola successfully implemented an ERP system, which allowed it to standardize and coordinate business processes in the hundreds of countries in which it sells its products. Prior to the implementation of an ERP system the company’s business processes did not allow them to use its worldwide buying power to purchase raw materials from ever-changing world markets. Both examples allow the respective companies to integrate all the different software in different departments of a company into a centralized database. Information is delivered immediately to employees to operate more efficiently.

IT 205 Week 6 CheckPoint – The Contribution of…...

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