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United Mail Presort Department
Third Shift Implementation


Axia College of University of Phoenix

IT 221 Analysis and Design of Information Systems

February 28, 2010


1 PROJECT Definition 5




4.1 Goals and Objectives 6

4.2 Project Deliverables 6

4.3 Deliverables Out of Scope 6

4.4 Project Estimated Costs & Duration 6


5.1 Project Assumptions 7

5.2 Project Risks 7

5.3 Project Constraints 7

6 Project Structure Approach 7

7 Project Team Organization Plans 8

8 Communication Plan 8

8.1 Risks and issues management 8 8.1.1 Potential exceptions and problems 8 8.1.2 Appropriate corrective measures 8

8.2 Change management process 8 8.2.1 Change management process steps 8 8.2.2 Change control board (CCB) 8

9 Development and Implementation 8

9.1 Quality Plan Processes Error! Bookmark not defined.

10 Measurement and Project Closing 9

10.1 Quality Management 9

10.2 Communication Management 9

10.3 Customer Expectation Management 9

10.4 Asset Management 9

10.5 Lessons Learned 9

10.6 Postproject Tasks 10

10.7 Project Closure Recommendations 10


The United Mail Presort Department will be implementing a third shift operation to assist the existing first and second shift with the current mail volume. This third shift will enable the overall department to decrease overtime costs associated with the additional labor hours used during periods of heavy mail volume. It will also increase productivity levels within the department and position the department for future expansion. The additional shift will also allow more time for quality control…...

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