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Lab #1 – Assessment Worksheet Performing Reconnaissance and Probing Using Common Tools
Course Name and Number: _____________________________________________________ Student Name: ________________________________________________________________ Instructor Name: ______________________________________________________________ Lab Due Date: ________________________________________________________________ Overview In this lab, you explored the common tools available in the virtual lab environment. You used Wireshark to capture and analyze network traffic and OpenVAS to scan the network. You reviewed a sample collection of data using NetWitness Investigator, connected to a remote Windows machine, and explored two file transfer applications, FileZilla and Tftpd64. You used PuTTY to connect to a Linux machine and ran several Cisco commands to display statistics for the network interfaces. Finally, you used Zenmap to perform a scan of the network and created a network topology chart. Lab Assessment Questions & Answers
1. Name at least five applications and tools used in the lab.

2. What is promiscuous mode?

3. How does Wireshark differ from NetWitness Investigator?

4. Why is it important to select the student interface in the Wireshark?

5. What is the command line syntax for running an Intense Scan with Zenmap on a target subnet of

2 | Lab #1: Performing Reconnaissance Using Common Tools
6. Name at least five different scans that may be performed with Zenmap.

7. How many different tests (i.e., scripts) did your Intense Scan perform?

8. Based on your interpretation of the Intense Scan, describe the purpose/results of each tests script performed during the report.

9. How many total IP hosts did Zenmap find on the network?

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