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1. You are the network administrator for a new company that has 10 users and that plans to add 5 more users within a year. The files need to be accessed by all 10 users, and each user must have different security rights. What kind of network would you install? How would the pieces and components of this network relate to each other? Define each component.
The way I would setup the network would be to have one computer as the server, and then tie all the workstations to the server via LAN cables or wirelessly it would have to be up to the clients. I would use a router, or patch panel, to connect all the computers or workstations to the computer that I setup as the server. The server would hold all the user settings like passwords and the user ID’s that have those passwords and other user data assigned to that user account. This way I could setup and manage which user is allowed to access different programs or data on the server. Of course we have to add a printer/fax or even two but I think it would only happen when we added the other five clients to the network
2. You are the network administrator for a company that has a peer-to-peer network. How would the pieces and components of this network relate to each other? Define all the components of this type of network.
I have to say this upfront…I do not recommend a peer-to-peer network, but that being said a peer-to-peer network has no server and all computers on that network share their own data that is stored on their actual hardware instead of a server for example. I would for sure use a secured network, but that would only be as secure as the computers that access the network. I would also like to limit access on the internet so I could try to better secure the network that for all users.

3. You are the administrator of a client-server environment. What kind of network would you...

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