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E-COMMERCE (TIT-501) UNIT I Introduction What is E-Commerce, Forces behind E-Commerce Industry Framework, Brief history of ECommerce, Inter Organizational E-Commerce Intra Organizational E-Commerce, and Consumer to Business Electronic Commerce, Architectural framework Network Infrastructure for E-Commerce Network Infrastructure for E-Commerce, Market forces behind I Way, Component of I way Access Equipment, Global Information Distribution Network, Broad band Telecommunication.

UNIT-II Mobile Commerce Introduction to Mobile Commerce, Mobile Computing Application, Wireless Application Protocols, WAP Technology, Mobile Information Devices, Web Security Introduction to Web security, Firewalls & Transaction Security, Client Server Network, Emerging Client Server Security Threats, firewalls & Network Security.

UNIT-III Encryption World Wide Web & Security, Encryption, Transaction security, Secret Key Encryption, Public Key Encryption, Virtual Private Network (VPM), Implementation Management Issues. UNIT - IV Electronic Payments Overview of Electronics payments, Digital Token based Electronics payment System, Smart Cards, Credit Card I Debit Card based EPS, Emerging financial Instruments, Home Banking, Online Banking. UNIT-V Net Commerce EDA, EDI Application in Business, Legal requirement in E -Commerce, Introduction to supply Chain Management, CRM, issues in Customer Relationship Management. References: 1. Greenstein and Feinman, “E-Commerce”, TMH 2. Ravi Kalakota, Andrew Whinston, “Frontiers of Electronic Commerce”, Addision Wesley 3. Denieal Amor, “ The E-Business Revolution”, Addision Wesley 4. Diwan, Sharma, “E-Commerce” Excel 5. Bajaj & Nag, “E-Commerce: The Cutting Edge of Business”, TMH


Unit-I Foundation of Information Systems: Introduction to information system in business, fundamentals of information systems, solving...

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...better if with group or if with some music. Others would learn better visually or auditory etc. These techniques or strategies may help to have an effective learning and studying. Beginning college is an exciting step toward a brighter future. Most teenagers expect it to be an exciting and fun adventure in their life, but worry about how to keep up with all those homework assignments. There are simple ways to keep up with studying and homework, but it takes dedication. It’s not really hard to keep up your grades, but you have to dedicate yourself to school and worry less about working full-time and partying. (Virginia Graces, 2008) The researchers became interested about this topic which talks about the different study habits of third year HRM students at DLSUD today. Since the researchers are part of this generation, they wanted to have better understanding of...

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