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E-Commerce Global System Challenges

IT-500-02: Critical Concepts and Competencies for the IT Professional
Professor Dawn Giannoni, PhD
Date Submitted: Feb/05/2012
Table of Contents



Cultural Challenges4

Language Challenges5

Time and Distance Challenges5

Infrastructure Challenges5

Currency Challenges6

State, Regional, and National Law Challenges6

Conclusion 6


Abstract This paper defines how the Information Technology is important in the current world of E-Commerce. It has changed the business style from old traditional method to E-Commerce. Many companies have found out the hard way that successful e-commerce requires more than a flashy web presence. Despite of latest technology and law, still there are number of challenges associated with E-Commerce implementation. Many of such challenges like Cultural, Language, Time and distance, Infrastructure, Currency & State, regional, and national law are discussed and addressed by Stair & Reynolds (Stair & Reynolds, 2011). This paper gives directions on how processes may be reengineered with this aim.

Introduction There is a historic parallel for the current limited success of e-commerce. The first wide-scale introductions of IT in the business place focused on the improvement of isolated parts of business operations. E-Commerce basically began (although debated) in 1994 when Jeff Bezos started out of his own garage. Since 1994, businesses of all shapes and sizes have begun launching or expanding their Online presence. One fundamental change has been the manner in which companies interact with their suppliers, customers, government bodies, and other business partners. As a result most organization today has or is considering setting up business on the internet. Saving time and money are the major benefits of...

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