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Chapter 1: Introduction to a New Career in Law

1.1. Eighty million lawsuits are filed every year.

1.2. The five major players in the development of paralegalism are:
 National Federation of Paralegal Associations
 National Association of Legal Assistants
 American Bar Association
 Your state bar association
 Your local paralegal association

1.3. CLE is continuing legal education or training in the law, usually short term, received after one’s formal training.

1.4. Meaning of abbreviations:
(a) NFPA—National Federation of Paralegal Associations
(b) NALA—National Association of Legal Assistants
(c) SCOP—American Bar Association Standing Committee on Paralegals
(d) NALS—The Association for Legal Professionals (Note: NALS no longer says that its name stands for National Association of Legal Secretaries)
(e) AAPI—American Alliance of Paralegals
(f) IPMA—International Paralegal Management Association
(g) ALA—Association of Legal Administrators

1.5. Web Sites:
(a) NFPA:
(b) NALA:
(c) IMPA:

1.6. Certification examinations:
(a) NFPA—The PACE exam. It is an advanced exam; paralegal experience is required to take it.
(b) NALA—The CLA exam. It is an entry-level exam. No paralegal experience is required to take it. (Note: NALA also has an advanced examination that does require paralegal experience to take it.)

1.7. Fourteen categories of paralegal associations:
(1) nationwide (e.g., NFPA and NALA)
(2) statewide (e.g., Illinois Paralegal Association)
(3) regionwide encompassing more than one state (e.g., Rocky Mountain Paralegal Association)
(4) regionwide within a state (e.g., South Florida Paralegal Association)
(5) countywide (e.g., Santa Clara County Paralegal Association)
(6) citywide (e.g., San Francisco Paralegal Association)

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