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Kaplan University
IT402: IT Consulting Skills

Your requirements The hard and soft candy manufacturers are small but very ambitious and fast growing firms offering a wide range of hard and soft candy. The consulting team has been invited to work with IT, manufacturing, distribution and marketing employees to explore the opportunities for growth. Overall aim The main aim of the consulting project is to give the candy manufacturers a clear idea of the way in which the business might be combined while operating efficiently and effectively. Objectives The consulting project aims to: • evaluate the market context of the candy manufacturers; • develop an understanding of the market sectors that are most attractive for new business development; • dedicate valuable resources towards the exploitation of those market sectors; • refine its product range and service offering to increase competitiveness. Outcomes As a result of this consulting exercise the candy manufacturers will be able to: • achieve internal economies of scale; • improve process management; o combine product lines in an effective and efficient manner; • open additional markets; o combine hard and soft candy sales o combine truck routes • process improvement; o improved data mining; o lower production time ▪ more candy can be made ▪ candy lines can be combined Our approach Our approach will emphasize the importance of reliable information to the decision makers of the candy manufacturers. Distribution and storage will not be changed for hard and soft candies, thus reducing costs of storage and distributing the candy lines. The...

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