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1. Differentiate real mode from protected mode networks (4 Marks)
In real mode networks, a computer’s software communicates directly with the computer’s ports and devices whereas in protected mode networks, the system’s ports and devices are protected from the applications that use them; the operating system grabs the data stream and manages it to ensure that all applications have equal access and to ensure that data from each application is appropriately preserved.
2. Briefly show steps followed to view network resources (4 Marks)
3. Discuss the use of the Ping tool and give its syntax (2 Marks)
The Ping tool is a computer network administration utility used to test the reachability of a host on an Internet Protocol network and to measure the round-trip time for messages sent from the originating host to a destination computer. Ping stands for Packet Inter Net Groper and its syntax is PING [options] destination_host
4. List steps used in creating a network layout (4 Marks)
5. Discuss the net watcher as a network tool (4 Marks)
The Net Watcher is a system tool in Microsoft Windows 95 and in Windows 98 that is used for monitoring shared resources on other computers that are running on Windows 95 and Windows 98. Remote administration must be enabled on the computers to be monitored by using the Passwords Utility in the Control Panel. The Net Watcher can be referred to as the Windows 95 and the Windows 98 equivalent of the more powerful Windows NT tool Server Manager and the Windows 2000 tool Computer Management.
The Net Watcher shows all the current connections to a computer running Windows 95 or 98, along with the names of the connected users, the printers and files that are in use and the level of access that is granted. The computer administrator can use the Net Watcher to close the files that are in use, disconnect particular users from the shared resources,…...