It Has Been Said That a Smartphone Is “a Microcomputer in Your Hand.” Discuss the Security Implications of This Statement. Most People Are Unaware That Their Cell Phones Are Just as Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks as Their

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Case Study One
Read the following case and answer questions below.
How Secure Is Your Smartphone?
Have you ever purchased antivirus software for your iPhone, Android, or cell phone? Probably not. Many users believe that their iPhones and Androids are unlikely to be hacked into because they think Apple and Google are protecting them from malware apps, and that the carriers like Verizon and AT&T can keep the cellphone network clean from malware just as they do the land phone line system. (Telephone systems are “closed” and therefore not subject to the kinds of the attacks that occur on the open Internet.)
Phishing is also a growing smartphone problem. Mobile users are believed to be three times more likely to fall for scams luring them to bogus Web sites where they reveal personal data: Why? Because mobile devices are activated all the time, and small-screen formatting makes the fraud more difficult to detect.
So far there has not been a major smartphone hack resulting in millions of dollars in losses, or the breach of millions of credit cards, or the breach of national security. But with 74 million smartphone users in the United States, 91 million people accessing the Internet from mobile devices, business firms increasingly switching their employees to the mobile platform, consumers using their phones for financial transactions and even paying bills, the size and richness of the smartphone target for hackers is growing.
In December 2010, one of the first Android botnets, called “Gemini,” was discovered. The code was wrapped inside a legitimate Android app whose developers did not realize they were spreading malware. IPhones worldwide were hacked by a worm called “Rick Roll” used to create a botnet for stealing online banking information. In March 2011, Google discovered a botnet called DroidDream, code for which was found in 50 infected apps. Apple iPhones had a…...

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